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Hand mulled watercolour paints to enrich and celebrate your creativity

Our professional watercolour paints are made in small batches using a traditional hand mulling process. By using the finest pigments suspended within our own natural handmade binder, we guarantee beautifully workable paint with pure and strong colour.

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Hand painted colour wheel with spectrum of colours.

Introducing Primary Colour Collection

Our latest palette is all about the power of the three colours known as primary colours.

Blue, yellow and red cannot be made by mixing other colours. However, when they are mixed together, magic happens on the paper as greens, oranges and violets are created.

It’s basic colour mixing theory, right? But have you ever used this theory and ended up with disappointing, dull colours? The reason for those unsatisfying colour mixes comes down to which hue of yellow, blue and red is being combined.

In this collection, we have carefully selected three hues which will guarantee a bright and un-muddied colour spectrum. Not only are they strong colours in their own right, their versatility as a threesome are a must have in any palette.

Art Scribe, handmade watercolour half pans wrapped in different coloured wrapping. Laid out on black surface with an open tin, a closed tin showing logo and two paint brushes.

Build Your Own Hand Mulled Colour Palette

Whether you require one or choosing a palette of many colours, head over to our shop and view the full selection of individual pans.

You will find helpful links to colours that work well with each other to help you make your selection.


Looking down on a black table top with Art Scribe watercolour pans in a pile and wrapped in hand painted colourful paper. An open tin with blank colour swatch. closed tins with with logo and various small jars and paint brushed in jam jar sit behind the display.

Looking for a special gift for the watercolour artist in your life?

You’re guaranteed that they will love and appreciate the quality of our highly pigmented paints made from the heart and presented with care.

Choose from one of our collections or help them start their own unique palette by selecting individual colours.

A unique palette of four or more colours will arrive in a pocket sized tin and a blank ‘My Collection’ swatch that they will enjoy filling in themselves.

Don’t forget to add your personalised message in the Order Notes at checkout which we will print on a gift card.

If you would like your gift delivered direct to the recipient, please put their address in the  Deliver To box and allow 2-3 working days for your gift to arrive within the UK. 


Read what people are saying about our artist quality handmade watercolours:

“Like all handmade paints they have their very own special character. I love them!” @harrisonmaryf

“Enjoying using my gorgeous handmade watercolour paints by Art Scribe.” @irenaboobyerpapercutting

“Top quality vibrant watercolours and beautifully packaged – a real treat.” @victoriahooperduckham

“I tried out my Art Scribe watercolours with my friends. We LOVED them!” @tessajanedesigns

“They really are stunning pigments. So lush to paint with.” Johanna

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