Earth Collection

An earth palette of handmade watercolour featuring six half pans of artist grade pigments set in a pocket sized tin.

Inspired by colours in nature, a harmonious spectrum of earthy and muted tones can be mixed from this palette.

Colours in Earth Collection are: Red Iron Oxide PR101, Italian Gold Ochre PY43, Orange Iron Oxide PY42 + PR101, Antwerp Blue PB27+PW22, Green Oxide PG17, Burnt Umber PBr8


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Earth Collection


Handmade watercolour Earth Collection is inspired by earthy, muted and natural colours and tones that surround us in the natural world here in Devon.

Picture ploughed fields of red soil, golden grasses of the moor, ancient oak forests of earthy greens that rivers of dark umber tumble through and skies and seas of stormy blues.

This collection contains those muted colours that speak of natural hues and tones.

Earth palette includes these colours:

Red Iron Oxide PR101– Earthy red.

Italian Gold Ochre PY43 – warm and earthy yellow that softly glows.

Orange Iron Oxide PY42 + PR101 – Earthy and delicate orange.

Antwerp Blue PB27+PW22 – From dark moody skies to pale distant horizons, also good for mixing greens.

Green Oxide PG17,– A strong natural green that other foliage greens can be mixed from.

Burnt Umber – Ranging from rich dark brown to pale sandy tones when used in a wash.

Earth Palette comes in a pocket sized tin with the six half pans secured by magnets. Therefore you can arrange or replace your palette as you wish. A hand painted colour swatch to illustrate the characteristics of each colour is provided with your palette.

Your tin of handmade watercolours will arrive through the door in a letterbox friendly box.

We make our watercolours in small batches using the traditional process of hand mulling and using our own binder in which to suspend the pigments. Find out how we make our watercolours in About.

We source our pigments from reputable suppliers:

L.Cornellissens & Son

Kremer Pigmente

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Weight 0.100 g
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 25 mm