Red Vermilion Hue

Vermilion Hue

This bright orange red is semi-transparent with good tinting qualities.

Available in half pans.

Building your own palette? Buy 4 or more individual colours and get a free Art Scribe pocket sized tin to keep your watercolours safe. Ideal gift.


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Red Vermilion Hue


Handmade Watercolour Paint Vermilion Hue

Our handmade watercolour paint Vermilion Hue is a mixture of Studio Red, Hansa Yellow (Azo) and Blanc Fixe. A fantastic alternative to genuine vermilion as it is non toxic and is just as brilliant in colour. It mixes well with Hansa Brilliant Yellow for warm, peachy colours.

Qualities of Vermilion Hue:

Vermilion Hue – A bright orange red.


Good tinting strength.

No granulation.

Good Lightfastness.

Colour Index: PR4 PY1 PW21

Art Scribe Vermilion Hue is made is small batches suspending Cornelissen pigment with our natural binder. Read how we make our handmade watercolours in About

Building your own palette?

Buy 4 or more individual colours and we’ll pop them in an Art Scribe pocket sized tin to keep your watercolours safe. The pans will be secured to the tin by magnets. If you do not want magnetic pans, please state this in ‘order notes’ at checkout.

Additional information

Weight 0.010 g
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 25 mm

Vermilion Hue