Cobalt Turquoise

Strong, bright and versatile turquoise blue. Recommended in a starter palette.

Available in half pans.

Building your own palette? Buy 4 or more individual colours and get a free Art Scribe pocket sized tin to keep your watercolours safe. Ideal gift.


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Cobalt Turquoise


Our handmade watercolour paint Cobalt Turquoise is a clear, bright and versatile colour. Use on its own for a useful sky blue and adding contrasts to browns and pinks. When mixed with greens it will give you brighter more lively tones. Makes a cooler purple for shadows when mixed with Violet Mid Shade.

Qualities of Cobalt Turquoise:

Cobalt Turquoise – Very brilliant and bright blue.



Medium tinting strength.

Excellent lightfastness.

Colour Index: PB28

Art Scribe Cobalt Turquoise is made in small batches. The artist grade pigments are sourced from Kremer Pigments which we have hand mulled and suspended in our natural binder.

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Building your own palette?

Buy 4 or more individual colours and we’ll pop them in an Art Scribe pocket sized tin to keep your watercolours safe. The pans will be secured to the tin by magnets. If you do not want magnetic pans, please state this in ‘order notes’ at checkout.

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Weight 0.010 g
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 25 mm