From our Historic Colour Range.

This colour is a unique addition to your paint box. Beautifully soft and ethereal green. Think of dew covered pastures on an early spring morning.

Building your own palette? Buy 4 or more individual colours and get a free Art Scribe pocket sized tin to keep your watercolours safe. Ideal gift.


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Our handmade Malachite watercolour paint is soft and pale green in colour. You’ll find its nature is to granulate on paper and form beautifully subtle blooms. This makes Malachite an interesting watercolour to paint with, adding naturalising textures to the work.

Mulled from a synthetic mineral based pigment, we find this version of Malachite gives a more even quality to the colour without the yellowish undertone of Genuine Malachite.  It also has a better tinting strength than Genuine Malachite with a good opacity.

A specialist pigment, Malachite is the oldest known green pigment having its roots in history that go back to the ancient Egyptian tombs, Japan and China.

You will find Malachite in our Japanese Collection.

Qualities of Malachite watercolour paint:

Malachite – Soft ethereal green tones.



Excellent lightfastness.

Colour Index: PG77422

Handmade Malachite watercolour paint is made from artist grade pigment, sourced from Cornelissen & Son . We hand mulled and suspended the pigment in our natural binder. Read how we make our handmade watercolours in About

Building your own palette?

Buy 4 or more individual colours and we’ll pop them in an Art Scribe pocket sized tin to keep your watercolours safe. Magnets secure the pans to the tin. If you do not want magnetic pans, please state this in ‘order notes’ at checkout.

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Weight 0.010 g
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 25 mm

Genuine Malachite