Genuine Hematite

GenuineĀ HematiteĀ 

Deep rich reddish brown with strong earthy values.

From ourĀ Earth Pigment Range.Ā 

Available in half pans.

Building your own palette?Ā Buy 4 or more individual colours and get a free Art Scribe pocket sized tin to keep your watercolours safe. Ideal gift.


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Genuine Hematite


Handmade watercolour paint Genuine Hematite

Our handmade watercolour paintĀ GenuineĀ HematiteĀ is made from a pigment that is blood red in colour.Ā This finely milled mineral iron ore is from the earth and thus perfect for depicting natural landscapes and textures.

Qualities ofĀ Hematite:

Hematite ā€“Ā Ranging from deep reddish brown to a gentle earthy pink in washes.



Excellent lightfastness.

Earth pigment.

Colour Index: PR102

Art ScribeĀ GenuineĀ HematiteĀ is made in small batches suspendingĀ Kremer PigmentsĀ Ā with our natural binder. Read how we make our handmade watercolours inĀ About

Building your own palette?

Buy 4 or more individual colours and weā€™ll pop them in an Art Scribe pocket sized tin to keep your watercolours safe. The pans will be secured to the tin by magnets. If you do not want magnetic pans, please state this in ā€˜order notesā€™ at checkout.

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Weight 0.010 g
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 25 mm